what's up?

day off?

it has become increasingly clear, that i can't take a day off without working enough overtime to equal two or three regular days. and still, today, i've logged in, and worked on one job. over the weekend, i will have to go to the office, probably, to rework another job before monday. that one deals with a giant spreadsheet, that i'd rather work on at my desk, with two screens. i have two screens at home, but the remote connection won't let me use a second one. so stupid.

monday will start another week from hell. we'll be down one designer, since it's spring break for his kid. then the following week, the other designer will take off for three plus weeks, for her annual trip to the other side of the world.

going to rain this weekend. sucks, since sunday is the swap meet at pomona. camera is waterproof, but not the lenses, so blows that idea out of the water.

spring is getting closer, so more shows are being added to my dance card. looking forward to it. please let me know if there's anything interesting not already on my list to the right. send me an email. or hand a flyer to my better half—that works too.

motorcycle from the little show at the vfw. sometimes i just shoot them. a different challenge, to get a decent angle, without chopping the handlebars out of the picture.