what's up?


these past few months have just been incredibly busy. my son got married, then my better half's uncle was hospitalized and then funeralized; last weekend i got a last minute invite to my new daughter-in-law's brothers wedding. that was interesting, since i'd never met the bride or her side of the family. 

i arrived early, and went to sit in the mostly empty chapel. didn't take long before i had a man inquiring which i was there for, bride or groom. basically said, groom's sister just married my son—just figured it was simpler. later found out that was the bride's father. no, i'm not a wedding crasher.

still, later, i was walking around with my camera with a big lens, and any time i caught the bride's eye, i could see the who the hell is that look. i think at the end of the day, i realized that i never went over to introduce myself to them. lol. well all the best to them. i'll let my new daughter-in-law forward my pics to the happy couple.

top these events off with a big meeting at work, and i've been a very busy girl. and when i did find myself at home, i was too tired to turn on the computer, much less my better half. :)

another morning shot from early morning at pomona. just loved the light hitting this fleetmaster.