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waiting is the hardest part

harley davidson softail

harley harley harley. not sure why i shot this bike versus any of the other bikes at legg lake last month. maybe i just liked the rolled up serapes, with it's colors.

both my brothers live in florida. hurricane matthew is barreling toward one of them now. the other is further south, and out of town for work; his wife is staying with her dad, but she says so far, nothing happening where she is staying.

i think my brother who is in the direct path, is far enough inland, he'll be ok. he moved there from cali only a few months ago, so this is his first time dealing with real weather since we were kids in virginia.

his house came with window coverings just for the purpose of protection from hurricanes, but they weren't marked which went with which window. should have just nailed up some boards.

pretty sure he is shitting bricks about now. his wife would take an earthquake over this any day.

being overly dramatic last night, he said he was exhausted, but ready to face the storm like lieutenant dan tied to the mast in forrest gump.


on 2016-10-08 05:24 by kathy

p.s.  hurricane missed both brothers' houses, just got a lot of wind and rain. they lucked out this time.