what's up?


1947 pontiac

pontiac from the fundraiser at the broiler. looking for something different to shoot. had this one ready to post, so it'll do, this fine, rainy monday. pretty sure i'd find it in my files from other shows, if i searched.

out of the office for an appointment. there's a potluck and i'm not in the mood to participate. just want to do my time and go home.

stopped for something to eat on the way back, since my stomach was growling about all the water i'd been drinking, and not enough food. ordered a combo burrito. was given the most flaccid burrito i've been served in my life. wasn't wrapped tightly, and pretty sure it was just really watery beans and cheese with no meat at all. maybe all the beef had drowned and was resting peacefully at the bottom of the tortilla, beneath the refried porridge. felt like i was holding a warm, loaded diaper. yum.

guess i'll head back to the office. i've taken an early lunch, and will skip the potluck.