what's up?


it is supposed to rain all week, so in anticipation, i'll be staying at my mom's or over with the newleyweds. both, with no access to my pictures, so i'll just work through some that i have saved up for rainy days here.

we were parked a few cars back from this truck, at five-thirty in the morning. was so dark, and the light so yellow, that i couldn't tell if it was silver/grey or green. i took a picture of it under the street light, while my better half chatted up the owner. i told him i'd have to get a shot of it later, after the sun came up.

if i got the story right, they only made 2,400 of these trucks, and this guy owns four. said the engineer who designed them, also helped engineer the development of the corvette. the significance of that, was the back end of the truck is made of fiberglass, just like a corvette, which i guess makes it lighter. just isn't pretty if you get in an accident and snap the stuff.

i think he also said his son had helped finish this one recently, as well as the rare four-door fifty-nine impala, parked in front of it. it was maybe the first time he'd brought this one out to a show.

as usual, i try to hunt down cars that pass by, and i finally found the truck and impala, out in the far dirt lot of the show. turned out to be this very nice green, which matched the green and white colored impala the son drove.

i had this shot ready to post, but i actually think i like a different shot of it, i'll have to add when i get back to my computer.