what's up?


i went to this end of the park hoping to find a car with a good shot of the sunrise coming up over the car. this club was at the far corner, under this tree. i could see good shots as i approached, but they were still moving their cars around. the parking director told them where to park, and when he wasn't looking, they tried several times to pull their cars forward to get them lined up. then the parking guy would yell at them to move them back...he had to fit so many cars in this field, they couldn't spare the space.

i think they tried a couple of times before the parking guy threatened to invite them to leave.

anyway, i saw several beautiful shots, but couldn't get them, for all the cars and club guys walking around. i'm really the one in the way—the show really doesn't open for public viewing until ten or eleven—so i had to let those shots go. i work around the edges, and get what i get.

i know that camper kinda ruins it, but i really liked the color of the light.