what's up?

back it up

i stood and watch the owner park this car here. couldn't wait for him to park and leave. he rolled out of the car looking kinda grumpy. almost thought he was going to move it somewhere else, but he didn't. i walked away and came back after he left.

i think maybe i love the trees in this park as well. i'll shoot most anything with them in the background. they just frame it up so nicely. they help camoflauge most of the crap and buildings too.


apparently, somehow, somewhere, i've managed to crack a rib. started hurting a few months ago; finally couldn't ignore it any longer and saw a doctor, and got it xrayed. i probably shouldn't have mentioned it to my better half, knowing he was going to treat me differently. he'll make me follow the doctor's recommended orders to take it easy and not lift anything or overly exert myself. i've been walking around for a couple of months already, as is, so come on.

anyway, i'll probably take a few weeks off from going to car shows, and pulling my camera bag. unless i can talk him into being my bag boy. oh well, more time to work on pictures i already have, right?

we've got a trip booked soon, running away for a week, and i don't think we're going to bring the big cameras with us for a change.