what's up?

top down

back in the grind at work and already overflowing with deadlines. that's why i hate taking vacations, the coming back to the office. 

took a long walk when i got home from work today. we walked about six miles a day on vacation, so it's the usual, let's keep it going when we get back. i suppose it will last a week or two. less, if the weather doesn't cool off.


another from last week's fleetline fest. my better half didn't even get over to this side of the building, so didn't see it. very nice.

i like shooting dashboards of convertibles...always looking to update the header on my page. different steering wheels, dials and the different fonts they used to use...it's a designer thing, i suppose.

this one seems to be real wood fitted in there. and this one had yogi bear and dashboard jesus together...which is more useful?