what's up?

fleetline fest

i really love fleetlines. saw a flyer for the fleetline fest online, while we were out of town. just back late last night, so we got up late this morning...didn't hear the alarm...or we would have been out earlier.

over at k1 in gardena, where i usually check out the old memories harbor area shows, i knew the parking would be limited. wondered how many fleetlines they would manage to jam in there, plus vendors. you would think whatever the number it would be enough, right? 

funny thing was that, in with all the fleetlines, there was other stuff. deluxes, special deluxes, bel airs, trucks... and maybe it was just the locations, the backgrounds, the surrounding cars with hoods up, but i have quite a few pictures of other stuff that i quite like, better than the fleetlines that i went for. all good. i like the old cars, so i'm pretty happy in spite of that.

this car was really nice. i've never seen it before, which is great. awesome paint job.

wasn't so happy with how damn hot it was. as one of the guys said, supposed to rain the next couple of days, shake and bake weather. i'm not ready to go back to work after a week off. especially up a bunch of floors in a tall building, parked in a parking structure. kinda have to not think about that when you live here in cali.

didn't stay too long. couldn't take the heat, forgot the suntan lotion, and don't tell my doc that i was out pulling my bag around with a cracked rib. didn't hurt, but kinda sore now.