what's up?

connect the dots

thinking of going to the imperials show at hawaiian gardens on sunday. high hopes for an eclectic selection of cars to shoot. charging my batteries, cleaning the sensors, polishing the lenses. trying to get into a better frame of mind, than i've been recently.

new locations have promise for seeing things a new way. shooting cars differently, even if the angles are the same. always looking for the shots that make me happy; the designer in me looks for a pleasing composition and balance, or purposeful imbalance. my hobby keeps me happy, and helps keep me agile in my day job.


found this at the hillco show from last superbowl sunday; it's their annual thang before the game. i think this was the third year i've been, but got there earlier than the previous years. saw lots more cars, some park and stay, others, just doing a quick stop and continuing on to wherever they are going to see the game.

blah blah blah. i've seen this truck a few times before, this show and elsewhere. i like the pinstriping on this truck. the rest of it, not so much. i like the truck in this picture; i like the composition of it better, with the car behind it, in another. should have took a couple other angles of them until i got what i wanted in one shot.

there seems to be some faint, green on green bubbley airbrushing on the top of the cab. little glitter, subtle shadows.