what's up?

gypsy blue

was lucky enough to catch a few shots of this motorcycle, right after the owner parked it, and before too many people got to this end of the street. really clean, and the muted turquoise and off-white paint caught my eye. little pinstriping detail on the fenders was nice too. i'll have add a few detail shots when i get back home to my computer.

positioned like he had scoped out the location and knew exactly how and where he wanted pictures to be taken. framed by the mural, it's almost like it belongs there, blending in just so.

i've seen a bunch of other people's pics of it, so i'm not the only one that thought it.

walked past it right before we left, and there was no way i could have taken the same shot, with the crowds around and the owner lounging nearby in his chair.

even though my better half had joined up with me and walked to the end of the street, where the majestics were having a mini picnic/party, and then back on our way out, he says he didn't notice the bike or the mural. i guess it can happen when you're on chevy overload. ;)