what's up?

olde wagon

so i skipped a small car show today. busy all week, and had things to do. like laundry. something to wear might come in handy sometime.

gotta get back out there, i don't have any stories to share that you'd care to hear. or maybe i'm just too tired to think right now.

planning to get up really early, before the butt crack of dawn and head to southgate tomorrow, for the azalea car show. always a good time. all the cars we like to shoot in one place. just need to be there before the sun comes up, and early sun, before the heat starts to evaporate the dew off the grass. then it's like a sauna.

haven't had time to work on my pictures all week, so i'll just pick a few to make up for it. how about i just post a few and just shut up?