what's up?


got out this weekend. thought we were racing the clock before the rain came. stupid weather app kept saying it was imminent. so we went to the closer show first at the community church.

that was busier than we expected. don't know why. it was sold out. but the promised rain did keep a lot of cars away. and mostly the cars we really wanted to shoot. so, after our fill of 1930s ford hot rods, we headed over to the swap meet.

unsuprisingly, parking was easy. clouds keep people away from swap meets. and it was still pretty early. turns out the car show was on the other side, so we had to walk through, get the bags searched.

was only about a dozen cars at the time. made the best of it, and shot some of them. some had their hoods up, some had too many people around them. chatted a bit with a couple of owners.

was fun, but then the getting up too early caught up with us, so we bailed.

liked this one, for all of it's wonderful messiness. maybe they'll leave it alone. i hope so. it's more fun like this.

didn't rain until last night. pfft.