what's up?

rainy day

still sifting through older pictures. can't decide what to post. got it narrowed down to four cars. starting with this one. thought this looked pretty cool. early morning, whittier carshow last august. line up for the show. captive audience situation. just wandered down the line, picking and choosing as i went. not any real remarkable stories to talk about. just the pretty picture to tell the story.


morning started with ambitious plans to go to the oc swapmeet, then a few car shows, all before the rain started.

we got as far as garden grove, had breakfast at a gonzalez market. it started to sprinkle while we sat in the car snarfing carnitas. figuring it would continue, we went back inside and bought more carnitas and ribs and headed home. swung out past where the viejitos monthly show should have been, last i heard. i guess it probably was too early, and also because of the sprinkles, nothing was going on. maybe it's moved on to somewhere else; it's been several months since i've seen any of them.

anyway, i decided i would just log on to the work computer from home, and try to get some of that done before the week catches fire there. it popped up like usual, but when i went to open a file, the server had nothing on it, and the other servers had red Xs. logged off and tried booting my other computer at work, but that showed the same thing. so they're doing something with servers at work, so i'm kinda screwed tomorrow.

i hope they're just shuffling data to some other location, or i'm not going to be able to work from home next friday, as planned. blah di dah.