what's up?

sleepless in whittier

it's almost eleven. i slept in late this morning, and now i can't sleep. i suppose i'll go stare at the ceiling. my better half went to bed a couple of hours ago.

i'm trying to do some backups on my drives. problem is, i have a bunch of external drives, some of them older than others, some with this year and last year, some older. apparently, some aren't as current as others. so, i'm finding pictures i know i've posted, still marked as stuff to do. so i've screwed up somewhere on the backups.

i don't think i've put this one out there. from a couple of years ago, at the dia de los muertos show. pretty nice car. 

i think maybe i'm trying to decide if the lens i used to use shoots better, sharper pictures than the new one i've been shooting for the last six months. i think i'm leaning more toward the older one, even if the new one is supposed to be the better one.

then versus the old camera body and the one i use now. exif data says i shot this one with the newer camera body, older lens. what do you think?

rambling now.

car shows in whittier make me happy to live here in whittier most of the time, don't have to worry about parking and can sleep just a bit later and still beat the sun.

that, and my better half. well, mostly him.