what's up?

damn pop ups

i really hate pop up tent things. i know they are used for shade, but couldn't they just move them off to the edges of a show? they do kind of ruin a decent shot. as an added bonus, the people go to the sidelines with the tent.

maybe i should just make peace with them, and start just incorporating owners into the shots.

i think the other side would have been the better one of this bike, the way it was sitting, but i couldn't get back there without invading pop up space, and the sun was hitting this side. shoot them as i find them...

been a little busy lately, with my son's upcoming wedding. out of town a lot, so my posts have been a bit inconsistent. if i haven't got something to say when i have a picture ready, i have at least been posting them over on instagram...most people don't want to read about the trivialities of my life and my warped sense of humor that unwinds from my mind to this digital diarrhea anyway. maybe it's time to stop paying for a blog and just post pictures for free there, or just on flickr.

i know my better half reads this, and sometimes it's easier to write about things than to just tell him. i get tougue twisted and i'm often hard to understand when i do talk. fun game for him to repeat back what he thought he heard me say. must be because i didn't have many girl friends growing up or being the type of girl that was a non-stop chatterbox. whatever. i'm perfectly happy with my own company...

an aside, to said better half..."i am lobo marunga. i hunt alone..." i'll be home later, gotta go to this party first.