what's up?

a negative times a negative is a positive

so i didn't get back to my post yesterday...got busy...(mind in the gutter)...working on a few more pictures before bed.

negative: neither of us slept well the night before huffarama, so when the alarm went off at four a.m., my better half decided he was too tired to go. also, he had started taking his camera equipment apart late in the evening, so he could experiment with his setup; it got too late, and just left everything spread out all over his desk.

since he wasn't going, i was going to sleep in, and go later. of course, i couldn't get back to sleep, so around five, i was up, and by five-thirty, on the road. ontario is out in east jesus nowhere, right next door to fontucky. just kidding. i like roadtrips, especially when there's no traffic.

we had originally planned to stay out in a hotel near the mall, and make a weekend of it. better half's sister didn't come down for the holiday weekend, so we didn't want to leave his mom alone for a couple of days either.

negative: was shooting away at the show, zipping from car to car, was just about done, focusing on a mercury, when the camera made a weird noise and gave the dreaded "camera error." fuck. did a few things to it, off, on. off. on. fiddle with settings. switch out the lens. nope, it was giving me the finger, wouldn't focus, and just saying, in other words, "bite me."

had to find a curb to do a bit of camera surgery, to change it out with the spare. the spare has a big vertcal grip attachment, that is too heavy and unnecessay for the tripod. to remove it also required detaching the camera strap, which is a bitch, as it's meant to stay on there.

would have just used the newer, smaller, better camera, but i couldn't find the cable release in my bag, and it was probably sitting at home in a drawer.

not too surprised, as it has been acting up the last few times out. better half says i've probably maxed out shutter activations. all i know, is that when i got home, several hours later, the body of the camera was hot to the touch, in spite of being in the trunk, in a camera bag, then sitting in the house for a bit.

nuff blather...


-- i got there early, in spite of leaving later than originally planned.

-- the guys let me in the gate, so i was able to get a lot of shots while the sun was still rising and there weren't too many people in the way.

-- i had expected more hot rods and mercs to go with the rockabilly theme, but was pleasantly surprised with the variety of cars and clubs, that showed up to show their support

-- took a quick tour of the vendors, and food booths, but didn't see anything i just had to have, but stuff was there, especially if anyone was looking for xmas gifts

overall, it was a good show. the music was good. i left by eleven, but i assume the live band was good too. i'd go again.

i grabbed lunch, before heading home. i was toast by the time i got there, and was finally able to catch up on the sleep that eluded me the night before.

the end.