what's up?

junk in the trunk

it's been a crazy week. got back from my trip up north, home for a couple evenings, then out of town again. 

so, friday finally rolls around, when i finally make it home again, i'm too tired to head out to either of the car shows i wanted to go to. hung out with the better half instead, since i hadn't seen him much since last week.

then today, the annual running of the idiots, before six in the morning. i mean, <clearing throat>, the halloween 5k fun run. seriously, why do they need to shut down all the streets, and have idiots running past the house so early? mostly, the "serious" "marathon" runners. the people that just have to win the little trophy. followed later by all the average schlubbs dressed in anything from blue jeans and t-shirts to full on halloween costumes. aren't those costumes going to stink later, when you really need them? polyester 'breathes' so well, you hardly even sweat. actually, no, you're just glowing. pfft.

better half left me the driveway to park in, while he had to park a couple of blocks away. been too warm to hike back over to the plural zed alpha to retrieve it. maybe later.

all i have for halloween, is stuff from the day of the dead show.

figure a trunk full of skulls will do. not sure who the guy in the picture was, as no one was there to tell me about him. i'm sure he is missed.