what's up?

inglorious basterds

better half got called into work this evening. sucks. watching the families walk by, headed uptown for the little kid trick-or-treating at the stores. just saw a toddler dressed up like winnie the poo. that was, dare i say, cute.

so, i have netflix running while i play with my photos. watching inglorious basterds, which is hard to do, since they speak a lot of the movie in german, and it's hard to read subtitles and work on a picture at the same time. didn't see it in the theatre, but someone said it was good. i'm not so sure, so far. did like the guy using the baseball bat on the german guy.

not doing halloween this year. neighbors next door are big aholes, and scared away all the kids last year, so we were stuck with a crap ton of candy. the other neighbor kid really enjoyed it though.

said ahole neighbors seem to be setting up for a similar evening this year, so no kids will dare come up to the door.

i didn't have time to find a costume or pull my old box of outfits out of storage, so there it is.

here is a car, that i see once in a while. i've posted it before, and it seems to be quite popular, if you count views. forgot to shoot it at san pedro this year, though the owner stopped to talk to me. found it here at the viejitos show in march.