what's up?

doesn't fall far from the tree

been sitting on my ass all week. too much work, not enough time. and watching my kid's dog again a couple days a week. didn't even realize its a holiday weekend, so i've promised some deadlines that i still hope to be able to make, even with one less day.

better half has to work all weekend. he told them he's busy in the morning tomorrow, so we can head out early to pomona tomorrow for a few hours. i'm hoping for some new cars to shoot, and it seems to be a great place to find them.

there also seems to be an art show at the lowdown in uptown this evening. walked past the store at lunch time, and they seem like they better hurry up if they plan on hanging stuff before five. they did have five of their cars parked outside, though. i shot'em with my crap cell phone and stuck them on my instagram at #randomcarsuptown. thinking/hoping other cars show up later. gonna wander down the street with my camera and check it out. or it's saturday; ususally stuff further down by the cigar bar.


looking back through shots from legends' san pedro, car show by the sea show. latin gents' cars were all parked near the street, under the trees. shade is good, but i'd be worried about birds. if you know what i mean.