what's up?

san bernardino shirt guy's truck

so my better half talked to the owner of this truck. well, i did ask about the shirt he was wearing, from a car show in san bernardino, if it was a good show, etc. he said it was a three-day event, and cars drove around the lake. so it may be worth checking out someday.

anyway, he asked my better half to take some pictures of his truck. closed the hood for him. 

he usually mentions these requests to me, and i usually follow up and shoot a few as well, since i know how infrequently he posts his pictures anymore. he told the guy to give him a few days to several months when he handed him his card.

he does have cool cards—double thick, with pictures of cars on the back, his "now we dance like sprockets" portrait on the other side. if you've checked out his about me page, you'll know what i'm talking about. i like the feel of mine better, the paper is more silky. i digress...

anyway, thought i'd post one of the truck, so maybe he can see it. otherwise, he'll be waiting a while...