what's up?


don't know why i'm posting this one. i didn't give them a card.

this kind of bugged me. not the bike. not the kid(s). not the music he was blaring out of the box tied on the back of his trike, at least in a different setting. he/they kinda held still long enough for my shot.

the thing was the rap/crap he was blaring was blabbering on about fuckin', asses, eff yah, shit, etc.

that doesn't bother me. i love throwing out f-bombs all day, every day. it wouldn't be my first choice in music, but that isn't it.

i think it's that, how old is that kid? he can't be older than ten, right? why the fuck doesn't it bother his mother/father that he's listening to that shit, much less blaring it at the show? i know, he/they think its cool and hip. part of the car culture? gimme angel baby oldies any day. kids don't need that crap at that age. actually, the grown ups don't need it either. it's crap. sounds stoooopid. but whatever.

the kid isn't smiling. that music isn't the kind to be happy with. not even to be bored by. gotta look tough. cuz somehow by extension, you're gangsta cuz ur listening to tuff muzak. have you really listened to the words? idiotic most of the time. you're so fly. <ending rant>


i heard a kid arguing with his mother/guardian/whoever yesterday at pollo loco. teenager. full of angst. wanted to drop out of school. argued he could get a job, the usual kid think. it's so easy. didn't want to do the work at school.

wanted to go slap him silly. dumbass. i've known the type...old relatives. he'll end up working his ass off harder then he ever would have doing homework, if not just sitting on his ass all day, living off everyone around him.


ya, ya. neither situation is my business. must be the hormones...wait...holy crap...i'm turning into my mother!!! aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!