what's up?

the nerve

mother's day. got the call from both kids today. still have to make my own call to my mom. had intended to drive down to see my mom, then stop at disneyland to hang with my bro and his family, but i woke up with a pain in my back, and it hasn't gotten any better, so i'm just hanging out at the house with my better half and his mom. 

no idea what i did to make it hurt. must have just slept on it wrong. gonna go take a hot shower after i'm done here and see if that helps. happened a couple of months ago, and worked itself out after a few days. hope it does the same, or it will mess up my plans for shooting next weekend, both days.

anyway, my better half built me a better puter to play with my pictures on. it is much faster, but i have spent a bit of time transferring files from the old computer instead of playing with pictures. he calibrated one of my monitors...says not this main one, so even though i think it looks darker, he says it isn't anything he did. guess i'll have to go look at the picture on another computer to see if it's the monitor or my eyes.

anyway, he was looking over my shoulder while i flipped through possible pictures to post and this was one he really reacted to, so i'll use it for the first picture on this new puter.

he said he saw this same cadillac at the san pedro show last year, parked in front of the light house. i vaguely remember it, but maybe there were too many people in front of it for me to shoot it. i'll have to go look at what shot that day.

its just a big, long car, and so shiny; it was awesome. a whole lot of green going on here, but it all kinda works.