what's up?


well, i made it to the majestics easter show over in lakewood. just didn't get moving early enough to justify paying to get in at pomona.

while i knew this show was going to pull in a lot of the low rider, newer cars i'm not that interested in, i also knew they would get some nice oldies in too. i did shoot a few of the more notable low riders, and maybe i'll post them sometime, just when i feel like something different. all i can say is they put a lot of money into those cars for the customized paint, hydraulics, chrome and engraving. and well damn. just damn.

i liked this one mostly because it parked screwy at an angle. i could get this view and a side view with no real problem. except for the club members on the other side hanging in the tent. they did finally move out of there by the time i took this shot; you can see them in the paint reflection standing behind me.

ran into a couple of people i see frequently at this show. that's always nice. luis said he was going to be at chicano park this saturday too...so that's one familar face i'll see there. wish my better half could go, but that probably isn't in the cards this time. so :(

still not loving this lens as much as the old one, and with chicano park coming up, i may just go around once with one lens then switch and go around again with the other, just to be sure i get something that makes me happy.