what's up?

buick eight

another from the elks' club yesterday. ecclectic mix of cars, as you can see from this one to the muscle car in the background. never know if this show is gonna be busy or not, but the latin gents always show up to support their guy, ernie, who runs it.

a guy came over to chat while i was taking some pictures of it. was guessing what year it might be; i dunno. said he had just been driving through garden grove and saw it going down the street, so he kinda just followed it and ended up at the show. thought it was really stunning. 

i told him about the show over at featherly park, which i didn't go to, as i had limited time out of the house before i had to get back home. seems to me he walked around a bit more then took off. i wonder if he happened to drive on over to the other show. i'm curious as to what was there, and will be looking at flickr to see what people post up there.

ernie—good tunes, good show.


got the call for entries for the oc fair. what to enter...what to enter...so many to choose from. any preferences?