what's up?

he is a king

i arrived at the car show at the whittier area community church around 7am. had to, as i had to be out by 10 and somewhere else at 11. the guys at the entrance to the parking lot were stopping cars, checking to see if they were vendors, participants, or what. i shrugged and said i just wanted to take pictures, wouldn't be there long. they looked at each other and said ok.

i parked nearby, and quickly got going. as i walked about, i heard guys talking and one said they had originally limited it to 300 cars, but then found 50 more spaces. i enjoyed the early morning, seeing the show growing busier. got to some cars before they were packed in tight, before the crowds.

my better half really wanted to be there, but he stayed home taking care of his mother, still recovering from breaking her arm. guess it will be that way for a few more months.

down in the lower lot, came across the cadillac kings car club. this one belonged to one of the only guys that bothered to talk to me. so i'll start with it. beautifully polished, it reflected the sky so wonderfully.