what's up?

maybe a doctor can remove them?

i had carried my camera bag with me for a couple of days this week. drove over to chik-fil-a on tuesday after work, took a stroll around the lot, but didn't even take my bag out of the car. oh well. probably was too early, but i haven't seen anything there like they used to get at the fuddruckers location. is it the location or the people running it?

wednesday, the traffic was moving pretty well, so i drove up to the broiler. it's a lot different feel than a couple of years ago. not as much there, the back exit is blocked off. looks like one of the local car dealers parks some cars back there. and that's where the low rider guys go as well, back in the darker parts of the lot. probably better that way. they don't come across as the friendlier types, and seem to care less about people seeing their rides than they do for hanging out and smoking skunk.

trying out a new camera bag my better half got me for valentine's day. nice bag. just not sure it's very practical for car shows. i'll have to try it a few more times before i can say one way or another. good for travel on a plane in the overhead. ya, that's it—a good excuse to fly somewhere, to test if it's travel worthy.

anyway, i took a few pictures in the hour i was there. saw a few people i haven't seen in a while. sorry if i was a bit abrupt. i haven't been out much, and have had a long week at work, even by hump day.

i liked this old car when i first saw it, but by the time i got around to shooting it, it had broken out in homies. and machine guns. i don't get it. but then, i don't get my mom's fondness for dolls either. but why put them all over the hood? bad enough when they are parked in front and back, but this is just overkill. i think i'll pass these cars by from now on. just showing this one because i liked the light on it.

i sure enough would like to knock them off there, but this is how it was, so there you go. maybe i should have just shot the hood ornament...