what's up?


1939 chevrolet master deluxe

second show from sunday, out in la puente. hot there, few clouds. decent size parking lot cordoned off for what was hopefully a good show. i got there around start time, maybe a little early. there were already vendors set up, and some cars, a couple of clubs, with my favorite old cars.

this chevy was out in the middle by itself, so i took advantage of the situation. in the midst of different angles, the owner came over and introduced himself. said he'd met my better half the previous weekend at the bomb club show, which i missed. said he'd been given a card, had checked out both of our websites, said he'd sent an email, and was wondering about the pictures my better half might have taken and possibly promised to share with him.

well, i told him, thanks for his interest. if i receive an unexpected email, i mostly assume they talked to my better half and forward them over. he's been quite busy, and if he said he'd send pics, he will when he gets time to do it. i think the guy heard me over the speaker system playing loud music.

anyway, i kept on taking pictures. he came back over later, and said, "gonzalez?" he was remembering my name from my card, then rattled off my better half's website, and was just getting half of mine off the tip of his tongue. yes, he really had checked out our sites.

well, if you own this car, i liked this shot, and hello. my better half will have to sift through about a thousand shots from that day to see if he has your car there, so please be patient.

also, one of the volunteer security guys thought it was his car. showed me a picture of what he said was his car, same make, model and color, that he'd left at home. said he was kind of freaking that someone had stolen and brought it to the show.