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1958 chevrolet impala

i considered hitting four car shows today. some kind of penance for missing out on last weekend's shows. i didn't do anything wrong, and really, it wouldn't be any kind of punishment anyway. i decided two was good enough, then bought some towels at a nearby mall for my mother-in-law, and headed home. well that was random...

first stop was a small show over at st. gregory's the great church. i think there were more vendor booths than cars, and double that ratio for cars i want to shoot.

found this sweet yellow impala in the far corner of the show. owned by a very nice, older man, who chatted with me a bit while i took some pictures of the tail lights. 

he said at first, he was unhappy to be directed to this location, but after they cranked up the sound system, he was quite happy to be relatively far from it, and not going deaf. pretty sure the current top ten pop music isn't his favorite anyway.

and check out the awesome clouds that were going on this morning. hardly any later in the day, at a show in la puente.

anyway, i liked this car, and the owner was the only one that i handed a card to, so i hope he sees this picture.

1958 chevrolet impala