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1938 chevrolet

i was given a flyer at one of the numerous shows i go to, for the old memories first annual car show. i hesitate to go to many shows in the heat of the day, as i tend to burn like bacon and i just can't sweat enough to cool off and feel like i'm cooking inside, kinda like a microwave.

so, when i do decide to go to these types of shows, i've decided to try and get there very early; at best, would be before sunrise; at least, by drive in time. and this one was out of the way, from where i am currently babysitting a dog. had to drop him off with someone before i could go.

drove an hour to get there, and still was a little later than i would have liked. there were people to tell you where to park, security at the entrance, and what seemed like the full old memories harbor club in attendance at the front of the show area.

thank you to the old memories guy that didn't seem to mind letting me start taking pictures before the actual start time. i kept out of the way, like i said. i have some pictures of your cars coming in the days ahead.

was a good turn out, during the time i was there, with more driving in as i left. too bad it was going to be the hottest day of the week. i would have stayed later.

i'll start with this one, only because the owner was nice enough to come over and chat with me. i think he wasn't very confident in his car having a chance to win a prize, but i thought it was just fine. mostly, i think he was just curious about me taking a picture of his car. i do hope he didn't lose my card, and stops by my blog to see the finished picture.


i'd forgotten how much work a dog is at one year old. like a big, hairy, attention-starved toddler. only five more weeks to go...thought i'd have a lot of time to work on pictures, but i'm lucky to post one, without giving up some of my own sleep time. he takes a nap if i work on a picture too long, then stays up late into the morning playing with his toys, and getting into mischief.

he likes throwing the pillows from the couch onto the floor. i've caught him sitting on the couch like the king of the castle a few times. but he is sweet, so i apologize if i don't get your car up here as quick as possible. i'm being forced to play tug of war, with dog slobbery ropes and rubber footballs. gotta get to bed, he's getting sleepy...