what's up?

yet another truck

1953 chevy 3100 truck

found this one in the next field over from the last post. i think it was the oldies car club, but correct me if i'm wrong. belongs to one of the few guys that talked to me and asked me to take a picture of his truck. most people usually talk to my better half; he says i usually look too focused or serious, or even pissed for people to approach. lol. that would be the protective shell around my shyness. or i'm actually busy looking at the cars and not noticing people.

anyway, first i'll post the cars that belong to people that talked to me, then i'll post stuff i like when i like. i'll work on the other truck tomorrow, if i don't work too late.

to the guy that owns this car, if you're interested, you can go buy a print here.