what's up?

mr pig

ford hot rod

found this over at hooters a couple of months ago. probably wouldn't have taken the shot, except i noticed the little decoration on the engine, or rather the air filter cover. other than that, this is a pretty generic bucket.



got busted by the doctor, who knew i'd been walking too much by the look of the cyborg boot. almost was free to go, when he happened to push on the wrong place on my foot. yep, another shot of courage into the foot. this time, a needle that looked a mile long, and deeper into my foot. hurt like a bitch.

promised to keep off the foot as much as possible. kinda putting a damper on going to car shows. but this weekend is the show at chicano park and also the annual show in orange plaza, neither of which i've been to before. i think i can do one or the other, but not both. better half is going to insist on going and pulling my bag around. maybe i can talk him into helping me up, if i want to take a low shot.