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home again

chevy truck

i survived my week in washington state. didn't want to disappoint the kid, so dutifully marched all over the place, or rather gimped. by the end of the week, though i had to nix the three hour car ride to hike in a rain forest. did the space needle instead. just got back to the car when it started to rain, then hail...so that was pretty cool. thunder is very loud over puget sound.

she thought i'd enjoy the lemay auto museum, and it was really interesting, but as they all go, no tripods allowed, and stuff is roped off, so i mostly focused on hood ornaments. i don't know when i'll find time to go through all the pictures i took.

i'm running on four hours of sleep, and getting home after getting picked up from the airport is a story in itself. and a panic run to the tax preparer and race to the post office to pay uncle sam. and i still don't feel much better than when i left on the trip.

anyway, here's another truck. found it on the fringe of a car show; i hope only because there were no spaces available in the main lot. nice ride. like the pinstripes.