what's up?

shine on

1946 pontiac hood ornament

so a quick post. just here to grab some clothes and head to my mom's. better half thinks i have a cold. really just a nasty sounding cough, but no fever or other symptoms. to make him feel better, i'm going to stay away all weekend. pretty sure the house will be fumigated with lysol after i go; he's very protective of his mother and stuff.

guess i'll sleep and keep my stupid foot up. they say it's not broken, but there is something going on in there. going to a podiatrist on monday. hope it's nothing terrible—going to see my daughter in a week.

sorry, i don't have a car ready to post. i like pontiac hood ornaments. this is one of my favs, from last summer's uptown show. i like the crackly surface on some of them. even better when you can get the light shining through them.

that thing that looks like a light shining down behind it is really just the open hood of the car next to it. obviously, i didn't take a picture of that one.

ok, my bags are packed, just need to back up the latest pictures i've shot this week, and i'll be off. i'm sure you'll survive without me.