what's up?

misty morning


this chevy was from the old memories show out at st hilary's in october. the misty morning sprinkled the cars with dew. i liked it best on the hood reflector thing. what is it properly called?

i wanna say it is an originals car, as it is parked next to others, but i can't find the plaque or other note saying for sure. my apologies, if not.

only remember that while taking some pics of it, some dude was busy pacing in front of it on a probably unimportant phone call. i don't think this one was his, but he did get in the way.

i am loving cars parked next to large overhanging trees, for the framing quality, as well as the reflections. best to be a car that i really like, not just the tree, because that's just sad when the foliage makes the picture rather than the other way 'round.


so we come to the end of the year. and again i've run out things to say.

can i complain about advertised shows that upon arriving, i and several hapless others find that the hosts have canceled and not bothered to remove the advertised date. unfortunately, they do not stay long enough for me to get my cameras out, so i've nothing to show for it.

though, it's happened before in previous years, so i am not that surprised. holidays always make shows and/or attendance spotty if anything. i enjoy the drive, investigate different ways around cities i know nothing about, and make the best of it, and take a turn around the local mall.

oh, how i hate shopping. i enjoy the exercise, and leave empty handed. a fine reason to get out of the house before i become a hermit. meh.

is it just me, or does anyone else find the orange chicken at panda express to typically taste of dessicated cat scraps dipped in a tangy sauce?

we're thinking of going to the majestics show tomorrow. earlyish. we'll see.