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east first

1953 chevy truck

someone gave me a flyer for the old memories east la show out on first street. kinda wished we had gotten up and out earlier, because it turned out to be more than we expected. the veterans celebration took up four or five blocks of the street and included a stage and music.

lucked out and got parking fairly close and headed out to the end of the street and unpacked. first block on one side was taken up with bomb club cars. i've seen some of them before. several of the guys stopped to talk to me, so lucky you, i'll start with your cars.

getting late, so i'll just quickly start with another truck, since i think the owner was the first one to say hey. i think the shot from the other side was maybe the better view, but the sun had gotten too high, and my shadow was too close to the car, as was anyone who was walking behind me, so here it is from the other side.

happy that there some smallish clouds in the sky, they always make a better picture. better than the plain blue that is more typical, and they reflect so well in the polished slates that are the hoods of the cars.

1953 chevy truck ornament