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mists of time

1951 chevrolet

we got up very early on a saturday and drove over to pico rivera for this show at st. hilary's school.

stopped by quickly last year, on the way to san diego, and remembered it being full of wonderful cars, so we had high hopes for more of the same.

it was wonderfully foggy and overcast. the show didn't actually start until ten, but we were there about seven-thirty. the ladies at the gate thankfully let us in, so we got to taking pics right away, knowing we only had an hour or so before the sun burned through.

many of the cars i've seen before, clubs i've run across before, but always good to take the cars in different locations, lighting, and/or atmosphere.

while it turned out to not be as busy as the previous year, be it due to the weather, people partied too hard the night before, or the world series, there was still plenty to shoot, and those people missed out on a good show.

found several bomb club cars down this lane, with no other cars around them. there was the unfortunate placement of the portable toilets nearby though, so i mostly tried to keep them out of the shots.

here's the first one i liked. not sure if it was the matte surface with the fog misting around it, but i just liked it. i will probably post another of it, just because the owner expressed an interest in it, and this one won't print to the proportions of 8x10, which seems to be the typical size people want. guess i pushed in too close, but i really liked this angle. but hey, there is no shortage of framage available for the new size standards for digital cameras nowadays.

still want to buy a print? i've posted it over here, where you can order all different sorts of items with your car on them. christmas is coming. i'm just saying. and my equipment is wearing out. it's an expensive hobby.