what's up?

on the way home

1948 chevrolet

i won't bore you with vacation pics. good to be home. not looking forward to monday. i've enjoyed a week of sleeping in and not looking forward to waking up at 4 am again.

i did find a car show on our trip, but it kinda sucked donkey balls, so i don't feel like posting any pics yet. there were a few cars to salvage the show, i would otherwise not bother with. there was another show i thought about going to, but it got rained out in the middle of the week, and then on the way home, i decided not to stop at another between there and here. 

ahh, but we did stop briefly at the garden grove elks lodge show, for a shot of the latin gents chevy goodness. parking was hard to come by, as there was another event going on at the lodge. always warmly welcomed by ernie and his wife, we set about taking some shots.

it is difficult to choose which of their cars to show. my better half seemed to really like this one. hard to argue with that. the paint job is great, with a shine to die for. 

true, there were other cars at the show. but i do like to start with my favs.

ernie said he's now not only running their monthly show, but will be in charge of the annual show next august, so there's that to look forward to on the calendar. and we did enjoy the musical selection he was spinning for this show too.