what's up?

the need for speed

1960 cadillac

why do people drive like a-holes? especially when traffic is slow for everyone? always is one richard that thinks he's way more important, and if he can get one car ahead, he's winning.

even better when there are two douchebags racing each other through traffic. and even if i'm going the speed limit, or even a "bit" faster, they still happen to be going faster, and still manage to almost clip the front of my car. i'm all for an adrenaline rush, but roller coasters are a safer way to go for everyone. i don't want to die on the road, just because those pricks are running late for whatever stupid excuse. and i'm on the road a lot. idiots.

early morning drives to work are extra fun with the big trucks a plenty. they like to kinda drift into my lane. and i suspect, they get cut off a lot more frequently, by the itty bitty cars. i always try to give them lots of warning that i need to get over. most often, they let me move. and if there's one that won't, i'm not going to argue with him...go ahead big boy...i'm not in that big a hurry.


holiday weekend. everyone else in the house has been working on a cold all week. so, guess what i got for the weekend? yup. got me a cold. stayed down yesterday. today, the house has been invaded again by the unsuspecting niece and nephew and their significant others. drove down from east jesus nowhere (i like the movie juno) for one day, going back tomorrow. i think they intend to go to disneyland, but they've been here for an hour, and are just chatting with gramma and my better half. maybe i'll sneeze on them—here take that with you—merry xmas.


is this a '60 or '61? don't know why the sky turns red only here at the broiler. must be a trick of the lights and the sunset. always nice when a good car parks in just the right spot, don't you think?