what's up?

i shot the sheriff

1938 studebaker commander

i went to ruby's for about an hour this evening. wasn't really in to it, but went anyway. needed to stretch my legs, after another busy day at work and 10 hours of sitting on my ass.

was bright and sunny when i arrived, but the sky got gloomier to match my mood. if it had started raining, it would have been so much better. not that many cars this evening.

spotted the guys from the tribe, saw his car, but didn't see the ring leader, and by then didn't want to get voted off the island, so i didn't interrupt their party.

this was the last car i shot. teenager inside was told to make the siren blare a couple of times while i was close by, so thanks for that. a guy said it belonged to his friend, and asked about my pictures, so he wins the prize and gets it posted tonight.