what's up?

lincoln's second term

1963 lincoln continental

rubys was pretty busy tonight. was interesting to see what must have been a whole car club drive up one of the rows, expecting to park all together, when there were not so many spaces open. a little shuffling, a few people encouraged to move their chairs out of spaces, others leaving, somehow they all seemed to eventually settle into place. then to shuffle again to get closer together.

saw several people i hadn't seen in a while. always nice that they remember me and take the time to chat. and many cars that i've seen, many times, in many shows. lots i've already taken pictures of before, but always looking to see them in a different spot, position, light. they all pose so patiently, if only all the pesky people would stop walking through my shots. ah, well. such is the nature of the beast. count to ten, sometimes twenty.

so another post of this car. again, with lens flares. always buffed to perfection, in it's relative simplicity, compared to those bombs. i kinda miss his other car, which he says is somewhere else, in storage or being worked on, or both.