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yaffe taffy



this is a bike like you've never seen, unless you caught it on AZ highways tv (you'll have to find the one titled "paul yaffe" - can't seem to get the direct link to it. it's a custom harley bagger by bike designer paul yaffe.

can't image that anyone would want to ride it, with the possibility of a dent, a chip, mud, etc., hitting it, but really, what's the point of spending all that cash for a piece of art like this, if you didn't want to be out there for everyone to gawk at. got me to shoot it, and i don't bother with many bikes.

wish they hadn't parked it in the shade, the colors are really incredibly vibrant, and they're kinda muted here. seems like if it wasn't chromed and etched, it was covered with this hand painted imagery. check out these details: harley details harley details harley details harley details harley details

 you thinking what i'm thinking: holy shit!, right?