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diamond in the rough

diamond t

i've been going to work all week not quite sick enough to stay home, particularly with deadlines to meet. i think i caught the "sinus infection" that my dentist's hygienist was telling about while cleaning my teeth the week before, while coughing with that little white cotton mask over her face. ya, i don't think it filters out the germs much, so thanks for that.

somehow i would make it through the day at work, then drag my sorry ass home to bed. to the house away from my mother-in-law, and away from my computer. so basically, i couldn't post if i wanted to, so sorry about that. i really miss playing with my digital garage when i can't get to it. better that i got some rest anyway.


best part of traveling is the chance to see some different stuff. like this here truck. i've never seen one. it was just distinctive and old enough to catch my eye. and it had an old harley in the bed in a matching paint job. too bad it was parked in the shade.