what's up?


1955 dodge wagon

spent the weekend hanging out in riverside. my son's last season playing baseball (unless he gets drafted) is gearing up. watched his team play some practice games.

of course, i had to check for any car shows in the area. unfortunately, the grand national show was out in pomona, so i think a lot of shows were sucked dry by that one.

found this one a decent size show in norco at the big boy. don't recall having one of these in my digital garage, so i shot several of it. the owner even offered to close the back window for me, then fussed over how he'd gotten fingerprints on it, so he had to polish those off. thanks for that. they probably would have shown up from this angle.

the telephone pole and wires sort of bother me, but not enough to remove them from the shot...i'm tired, and they were really there after all. it is what it is.

anyway, big lot, and about 100 cars there. probably go again, should i happen to be in the area. gotta get some sleep...back to the grind tomorrow.