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1959 cadillac

one of my better half's coworkers told him about this show in south pasadena, cruz'n for roses. guess it was a fundraiser-type thing to help make money for the rose parade float, which is just a hunk of metal right now, as it was sitting there looking all pathetic and hoping for some help to make it all purrty. eff that, i don't watch the silly parade anyway.

so there were maybe two city blocks closed off for this show, maybe 150–200 cars. got there about an hour after it officially started, which sucks, because most of the hoods were already up. hubbie asked a few to close the hood for a picture, and actually got turned down by many. even just for a few minutes. their damn stupid engines might get passed by in the judging if they did that, and so, so many guys just have to see the engines. well, the usual rule applies: hood open, no picture. so there.

found this and the other cadillac in an overflow lot toward the end of the street. some of you know how much i love the fins on older cars. i did get quite a few stares as i shot low to the ground, up at the tail lights, on a lot of cars. did that with this one as well, but i really liked the reflections of this angle for the time being.

would have shot the front end, but by this time, it was very hot, and hubbie had already called and said he was waiting up the street for me. i could have took my time, but i was really getting hungry and thirsty after only having a donut for bfast.

wished we had arrived early, when the sky was still overcast, but he had errands to run for his mom, and cars can always wait until later.