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got the blues

1946 chevy truck

well, it's over 100° today, here in sunny, lovely cali. got up early and headed over to the chino air museum, where they were doing their monthly presentation. this month was on russian planes, followed by a flight of a yak-3, with a MiG-15 sitting by the hangar. if you haven't been to the museum, you can get up close the planes, even so far as touch them, and a good majority of them are still flown, as evidenced by the oil pans underneath those. use it or lose it.

why bring up airplanes on this blog? back to the point about the weather. too damn hot. keeps me away from the middle of the day / early evening car shows. really tires me out and gives me a headache. on the other hand, it's good i've got a lot of pictures in my little archive here to finally get around to tweaking. so many to choose from. not a bad thing.

this truck has been taunting me since last february. there was a baseball fundraiser over at whittier high school, with many fine cars inside. but this baby was outside, not participating in the show. was it a tease, or was the owner just too cheap to pay the participation fee? whatever.

it was a hot day back in february too, i might add. anyway, i've played with this picture several times. my camera threw a yellowish cast over it, in spite of my white balance doohickey. i can't quite seem to get it all out, as i'd prefer, but i still like the truck, so i've thrown in the towel on it, and i'm calling it a day. does it look washed out to you, or is it just my monitor misbehaving again?