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1959 olds 98

my better half thought i had taken this at some hollywood backlot. nope. i stopped at the anaheim show at the promenade. first time there. probably the last. giving points because i was early, but with all the tall buildings around, most of the shots look like this, half sun, half shade. dramatic, but sucky at the same time. maybe if i'd shown up later, after the sun was down and the street lights had come on, but then there would be more people there for the live band in the center intersection.

i found it funny that several of the cars i saw here, i also saw drive in to the garden grove main street show, and then even later, one showed up at ruby's in whittier. and i thought i got around. ain't it great to have more than one to choose from, if not all to go to on a summer evening?

anyway, there were several really great cars there. the location could be better at different times of the day, i suppose. it would have been nice if the old guys behind this one would have moved to let me shoot the back end, as that planter made it hard to get there otherwise. but oh well. i didn't feel like asking them to move, and they seemed pretty oblivious otherwise.


and i'm still pissed at my computer for crapping out on me yesterday; was up until midnight reloading the whole freakin system and still am working out tweaks. even with all that, it still had the nerve to lock up as always in the middle of playing with this picture. and my screen is too dark, the colors are odd. i'll have to calibrate; hope it doesn't look too bad.


and to the bungholes that have been trying to bury comments on old pages with links to sell their own shit...go suck it. i'm in no mood to put up with you. go buy your own advertising space.