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double whammy day

1960 buick invicta

this one is the second post for the day. posting tomorrow's picture early, since it's my own personal double whammy...mother's day and my birthday. no big, but i know i'll be out and about, and most likely won't post by the evening.

i've never seen one of these. and no, it "ain't pink," it's more of a salmon color, but the hot sun really warmed it up. i don't know why this was off by itself on a side street, near the bus stops. seems a shame; it really was a beautiful car. great for me, as i could shoot from any angle, though out here at the back, i was in the path of the cars cruising by.

kudos to the dude in the muscle car brilliant enough to really rev his engine while stopped in front of that police station behind the bus stop...the show people made him leave. better them than mr. CHiPs, i suppose.