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1957 ford fairlane

i got up late this morning. had a hard time getting motivated. i had to be in riverside by 1 for a baseball game, and intended to stop off here at the 3rd annual phil braybrook memorial car show a bit earlier than i did. i only managed to fit in a quick half-hour run through the front of the show. shame, because i did see a number of additional cars i would have loved to shoot. my bad.

anyway, found this fairlane up in a corner of one of the lots. a guy who pretended to be the owner (hi gary)(don't be a poser)had recently commented on another car on this blog, and recognized me from a previous show i suppose. i am surprised, as i've only stopped at maybe three shows in riverside, assuming that's where i met him before. anyway, he must have read about my preference for hoods down, because he instantly asked if i wanted it closed...lol. i only shot from the back, so it wasn't necessary. i don't remember seeing this car previously, so gary, you naughty boy, just you wait til i post your own car. to the real owner: thanks for bringing it out today. it's lovely.