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old pioneer days

1960 dodge dart pioneer

so i've had a hell of a week: too much work going on with some overtime, an afternoon of jury duty, and a drive out to riverside. no time for a single car show. then comes today, out of work on time, sun still shining, warm weather, and i don't have my camera with me because it rained yesterday. feels weird to have gone straight home.

this dodge is here by special request from a new flickr friend, who asked to see more of this car for whatever reason. while it is an interesting car, the owner was more intriguing, and i remember that i had almost gotten up the nerve to ask if i could take a portrait of him, but i was still too shy at the time. only saw him and his car a few times after this show, which was about a year ago now. ahh the essence of why i'd rather shoot cars than people...i don't have to talk to them and they hold still for as long as i can keep the owner from leaving.